What price would you pay for health….

Studies have already shown us that the uninsured live sicker and die younger.

The uninsured pay at least four times as much (in California) — and sometimes more — for a visit to the emergency room.
The uninsured pay the highest prices for prescription drugs.
The uninsured delay care because of these costs, resulting in gradually worsening conditions. The uninsured are 25 percent more likely to die then those with insurance.

In addition to all the aforementioned setbacks (including dying), the LA Times yesterday described how the uninsured now have waits of longer than a year for critical services — such as gallbladder or hernia operations.

“If it’s not life-threatening when we start, it certainly could be by the time we finish,” said Judi Rose, vice president at North Holywood’s Valley Community Clinic.

This story is particularly interesting in light of comments made by a number of lawmakers this year about health care — and rationing. Many have said that a universal health care system would result in long lines — and people not getting the care they need when they need it.

I wonder what they’d call this.

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