What planet is he from?

So apparently President Bush made the following comment at an event last week:

“I mean, people have access to health care in America. After all, you just
go to an emergency room.” — President George W. Bush (Cleveland,

If the president was at all — even vaguely — aware of the health care debate, he’d know that the one of the primary issues is that people are going to the emergency room — too much, because (without health coverage) it’s the only place they can see a doctor.

If the president was following the debate, he’d know that going to the emergency room isn’t really the best place to get care — it’s expensive, you may/may not get to see a specialist and it if you’re there for a minor ailment, it clogs up the ER for truly dire and traumatic events.

And finally, if the president was following the debate, he’d know that a visit to the emergency room costs 3 to 4 times what is billed to insurance companies for the same services.

Brrrrrrr. That just ruffles my feathers.

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