The view from 10,000 feet.

As somebody looking at and trying to understand the specific details of the new health reform proposals this year, such as AB8(Nunez/Perata), it is a bit surreal to then hear the kind of very broad debate this afternoon in Assembly Health Committee on SB840(Kuehl).

When the debate over other bills was largely haggling over wording and amendments, the discussion between the Democratic legislators in support of SB840, and the Republican legislators in opposition, was a view from 10,000 feet, strident arguments that resembled this Tom Tomorrow cartoon.

Some might say that SB840 lends itself to this kind of debate, since the Governor has stated his intent to veto the proposal again, yet the Democratic legislators continue to pass the proposal as a statement of their values and goals. But the legislative discussion is similar to that of the many previous debates for this and other health reforms, this year and last.
Perhaps when the ideological issues are so big, the details don’t matter. But they do, to the health care consumers who have to live with them. That’s the work of this summer.
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