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Lots of studies coming out today…

The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research releases its big annual report on the state of health insurance. Based on the data from their California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), the big takeaway is that the main pillar of our health system, employer-based coverage, is eroding. Public programs are partially filling in the gap, but that safety-net is really focused on children, not adults.

The San Diego-based Center for Policy Initiatives also put out a report that focused on employer-based coverage, and really points out the industries and employers less likely to provide health benefits, and the workers that are least able to get coverage on the job are also least able to be able to afford it on their own.

While these reports have implications for the health policy debate, the UC-Berkeley Labor Center has put out an economic analysis of the business impacts of the Governor’s proposal and AB8(Nunez/Perata). Not to be confused with the recently-released NFIB study about AB8 which predicts doom-and-gloom, the Labor Center study suggests a “positive net impact on the California economy,” with most firms experiencing no or little change, some with modest productivity impacts, and some with modest short-term increases in operating costs.

The studies, as a whole, better illustrate the problem, and provide the fodder for the debate about the solution…

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