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A slice of life: I was booking a Southwest flight over the phone when the agent, after seeing my E-mail address,, asked what I did. I explained that I was a consumer advocate on health care issues at the state legislature.

She said “awesome,” and asked if I had seen SiCKO, and then proceeded to get very excited about my work. She asked me if any of the presidential candidates would propose something like what was in the movie. She did confirm that Southwest did provide coverage, although it is a UnitedHealth HMO, which luckily she hadn’t had to use. She realized she wasn’t in California, but was heartened that somebody was out there fighting for it, and just wished me well with my endeavors, as she continued to take my information.

Why have we (and many other health policy blogs) spent so much time on the movie? Well, it’s not everyday there’s a feature film on the issues you’ve spent a career working on. And yes, the movie is having an impact.

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