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The Heath Wonk Review, this week hosted by the Colorado Health Insurance Insider, has several good articles of interest about state and federal health policy issues, but it goes absolutely SiCKO (or Wonko?), with several reviews of the Michael Moore documentary.

In other reviews, Maggie Mahar and Matthew Holt state their general praise at The Health Care Blog, even while putting in some caveats and provisos.

Also, former Health Access California board member Sara Nichols has a similar take as mine, loving the film, but wondering if some potential converts might be turned off by all the third rails (Cuba, France, etc) that Moore just doesn’t touch but embraces. I think Moore’s ambition isn’t just universal health care–he could have made that case more easily–but a very different way to view society and government, of which health care is just a example.

How’s it doing at the box office? Ask the experts at Variety

The doctor has given Michael Moore’s docu “Sicko” a good bill of health.

Expanding to 756 theaters over the weekend, the Weinstein Co. film made an estimated $2.6 million in its third frame for a total of $15.8 million. That’s only a 26% drop from the previous weekend for a per-screen average of $3,505.

“Sicko,” a searing indictment of the U.S. healthcare system, stands a strong shot of becoming Moore’s highest-grossing film after “Fahrenheit 9/11,” whose topic was much broader in appeal.

The Weinstein Co. has been careful to compare “Sicko” to Moore’s “Bowling for Columbine,” instead of “Fahrenheit,” the highest-grossing docu of all time. “Sicko” is already outpacing “Columbine” — which grossed $21.5 million domestically — at the same point in the film’s run. Last year, “An Inconvenient Truth” made $24.1 million domestically.

“Sicko,” distributed by Lionsgate, is one of a handful of niche films performing solidly at the summer box office.

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