If you can make it there…

The state health reform bandwagon is speeding up, with New York setting up to be the next big state to take on the challenge of covering the uninsured. The New York Times reports that Governor Spitzer is have his team of experts come up with proposals for major reforms and expansions.

New York, my home state, would join not just California but Illinois and Pennsylvania where big-state Governors are making health reform a big-ticket issue. This only helps, both to create some self-reinforcing momentum between state efforts, and to compel national action in the presidential campaign and afterwards.

California is a lot more like New York than Massachusetts or any other state in the union, with its size, political profile, the mix of big cities and rural areas, and hyperdiversity aided by large immigrant populations. However, New York has some advantages already: a much more regulated insurance market (guaranteed issue and community rating is just the beginning), and more Medicaid expansions and creative ability to bring in federal matching funds. California has a lot to do just to get to where New York is.

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