Blue Cross crossing the doctors are too…

LATimes reveals that Blue Cross has unilaterally reduced reimbursement rates for physicians — in some cases, even lower than Medicare rates.

Blue Cross calls the rates “sustainable,” but physicians report it doesn’t cover costs. The doctors are at the insurance giant’s mercy, though, given the huge number of enrollees Blue Cross brings with them. (I’m surprised none of the doctors took the opportunity to kvetch about the $950 million that the company recently sent to its parent in Indianapolis).

With such aggravating dealings with insurers, its no wonder that some physicians are just bypassing insurance companies altogether, according to this Ventura County Star story.

Two physician groups are asking patients to pay cash and deal with the insurance companies on their own. Patients who can afford it (one woman paid $3,600 out of pocket) think it’s worth it.

If Blue Cross keeps it up, they’ll end up writing their own obit.

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