We’ll always have Paris…

Michael Moore’s SiCKO is out today, and many health care activists are leafleting moviegoers at a theater near you. It only adds to the momentum to reform, not just now and its run in theaters, but into the next year, with DVD sales, cable TV showings, etc.

On The Daily Show with Jon Stewart earlier this week, Michael Moore complained that
he was all set to have the hour with Larry King, but then he was bumped for Paris Hilton. For those excited by the power of Moore’s fame and media savvy to focus on health care issues, we learn that celebrity-driven attention can cut both ways.

That’s the second or third time Paris Hilton has provided a useful lesson in health care politics recently. Earlier, her stint in jail for driving while intoxicated put a spotlight on the personal driving records of LA City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo and his wife, who didn’t have car insurance, despite the fact that its mandatory. Just a reminder that a plan with an “individual mandate” isn’t universal, just like mandatory care insurance isn’t universal, even to a well-educated, top-ranked lawyer.

What else can Paris Hilton teach us? A visit by Paris to Paris to learn more about the French health system? An investigation to whether her family’s hotel empire provides coverage to their workers? I see a health policy beat for the tabloids…

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