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The lawyer for a deceased client in LA was a little surprised when she opened her client’s bill and found a $1 million …. bill.

The hospital bill for $962,120 was 20 times what the lawyer had been told her client owed for her four-day stay at the Glendale Adventist Medical Center falling and suffering minor injuries last year, according to an LA Times story today.

That’s right. The bill was 20 times higher than what the hospital quoted as $46,106. And what the hospital quoted was 10 times higher than what the insurance company’s rate, which was $4,350.

These numbers, while imposing, are typical — if you’re uninsured. The client HAD insurance, and only had to pay $150.

But uninsured? If you’re lucky, you’d get the $46,106 bill. Not? You’d better hope Ed McMahon comes knocking on your door with sweepstakes prizes.

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