Moore momentum for health reform…

Bill Ainsworth at the San Diego Union-Tribune has a quick report on Michael Moore’s day in Sacramento.

Frank Russo at California Progress Report has a more detailed report, with pictures and video.

Juls Rosen at Calitics also has her take.

My colleague Hanh will post additional coverage later.

This is obviously more momentum for health reform, broadly. As the quotes in these press reports indicate, Moore recognized there’s no contradiction between full-throated advocacy for universal, single-payer health care as the solution, and recognizing and encouraging progress toward that goal, including covering children, regulating insurers, outlawing and criminalizing certain industry practices, and even acknowledging a Republican Governor for highlighting health care an issue–something, he noted, was not a focus of the presidential candidates in the Republican Party.

The coverage around universal health care was national: I just saw Moore’s testimony on CNN.

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