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Monday, June 4, 2007

* Health reform proposals to be considered on Assembly, Senate floors this week
* Ads for and against health reforms take the airwaves
* ACTION ALERT: Still time to
host a house party for health reform this week!

New on the Health Access WeBlog: Sicko; U.S. Ranking; Gruberfest; Chamber’s List; Poverty; Is BlueCross Enron?; WWJD?; Guaranteed Issue; Insurance Rules; The Hidden Tax; Budget Conference Commitee; High Deductibles; More Ads and Coalitions; Betty Perry

This week, both houses of the California Legislature will consider significant health reform proposals, and they hit the half-way point of the process, winding their way to the Governor’s desk. These bills, and hundreds of others, have a deadline by this Friday to pass their first floor vote, of their “house of origin”

In terms of the major health reform proposals, Assemblymembers will be asked to vote on AB8(Nunez). Senators will consider both SB48(Perata/Kuehl) and SB840(Kuehl).

BILL LIST: A broader list of pending legislation of interest to health advocates is at the Health Access California website (including in online and printable form) at:

WEBLOG: These votes on health reform follow a couple of weeks of significant activity around these proposals, all chronicled on the Health Access WeBlog, including:

* the release of financial details and modeling of the proposals by Speaker Nunez and Senate President Pro Tem Perata, (with a briefing by MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber), which set the stage for the two proposals, along with SB840(Kuehl) to pass out of their respective Appropriations Committees.

* the California health reform conversation making national celebrity news, as Governor Schwarzenegger visits Jay Leno, and filmmaker Michael Moore schedules a premiere of his new movie Sicko in Sacramento on June 12th;

* ads on health reform take to the airwaves, including a TV ad for reform by Together for Health Care, and a print and radio ad against reform by BlueCross of California. The Health Access WeBlog includes responses, fact-checking and commentary on the BlueCross campaign.

HOST A HOUSE PARTY: Later this week, the consumer campaign It’s Our Healthcare! will be hosting hundreds of house parties around the state, to inform and interest Californians about the health reform debate this year. To join this exciting activity and volunteer to host a house party, click here.

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