Cry me a river

Assembly Republicans on the Assembly floor are opining that nearly all of the 18 bills are not being considered as part of the larger health reform debate.

Well, the public record reflects that 10 of the 18 bills were never heard in committee. That’s because the Republicans either didn’t ask, or cancelled the bills themselves. Specifically, Roger Niello, Van Tran, Bob Huff and Alan Nakanishi — who all complained that their bills weren’t heard — actively cancelled scheduled hearings. Van Tran cancelled his hearing twice.

As my colleague Beth Capell said, you can’t complain that the girl won’t go with you to the dance, if you don’t pick up the phone and ask her.

And you certainly can’t complain that she stood you up if you cancelled the date!!

Update: The Assembly just passed AB8 (Nunez) on a 47-32 party-line vote. We will have a more complete update later.

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