Coverage of coverage expansions…

In short order, we’ll put up a list of health bills and their fates with regard to today’s deadline to pass their first floor vote.

Even with all the bills, newspapers covered the passage of the big health reform bills, including Jim Sanders in the Sacramento Bee, Mike Zapler in the Contra Costa Times Jordan Rau in the Los Angeles Times, and Tom Chorneau in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Why was the vote important? I’ve always said that this debate was five years in the making: that the California legislature has previously voted to expand coverage to workers, to children, and to all Californians. But those all have been in previous terms, with a different list of legislators. With term limits and everything else, it was important for policymakers to come on record endorsing a range of reforms, some new, some old. It provides a baseline for the continuing debate this summer.

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