But will they lobby on it?

The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), which made significant membership gains actively opposing President Clinton’s health reforms in the early 1990s, released some responses from a membership survey, which had predictably skewed questions and predictably skewed answers, with a remarkably consistent 68-70% of respondents opposed to anything: HMO consumer protections (called “mandates on small businesses”), an individual mandate, even a subsidized pool for those who can’t afford coverage.

The one response that wasn’t predictable:

“…on whether or not the state should require health insurers to issue policies regardless of pre-existing medical conditions: A little more than half, 54%, said, ‘Yes,’ 32% said ‘No,’ and 14% were undecided.”

Even this crowd, responding to a less-than-friendly question, thinks that there is a bigger role for the state to oversee the insurers.

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