What’s in the water in Sacramento?

With the whales having departed Sacramento (and, it seems, the San Francisco Bay), the focus in the Capitol City comes back to the budget, and health care.

The Budget: The Budget Conference Committee has been named: Assemblymember John Laird (D) will chair, along with his colleagues Mark Leno (D) and Roger Niello (R), and Senators Denise Ducheny (D), Dennis Hollingsworth (R) and Mike Machado (D). You can expect committee hearings shortly, to bridge the differences between the various budget proposal.

Health Proposals: The Appropriations Committee in both houses vote tomorrow, May 31st, to pass out a slew of bills. I don’t expect too much trouble from the proposals on the table: AB8 (Nunez), SB48 (Perata), or SB840(Kuehl). This is not just because of the juice of the authors: the committee really focuses on the fiscal impact to the states, and they all have related financing that would not impact the overall budget. (Kuehl’s would not be implemented without financing, which is in another bill.)

Passage means that these proposals continue to move to the full legislative chamber of the Assembly or the Senate for their first floor vote in the next few weeks. It will be a whale of a time!

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