The door has slammed… keep banging!

My colleague Elizabeth Abbott just returned from a conference where she reported that one of the governor’s many health care advisers, Herb Schultz, told conference attendees that the governor would definitely veto SB840 if it passed the Legislature again this year.

It’s a shame that the governor would still take this position in spite of the fiscal wisdom of SB840 — the $8 billion a year it could save the state, while delivering health care to everyone.

As we mourn — again — what we suspected (that SB840 would again get vetoed), this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to be very active in supporting SB840, in organizing to get the Governor and those who have voted against it to change their minds. In addition, we have other health reform measures that are advancing. AB8 and SB48 will be heading to their respective houses’ Appropriations committees in the next month.

While not perfect, if we work on them, both of these bills will give us a chance to get more Californians affordable health coverage.

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