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The Health Affairs study on hospital overcharging that Hanh describes got national attention, including in the blogosphere from everybody from Juls Rosen to Ezra Klein.

The issue has been a focus and passion of Health Access California for five years, and its not a surprise that California, with one of the biggest problems, was one of the first and most ambitious in passing a law to solve it. AB774(Chan) was a big victory that will help many people avoid bankruptcy, but there’s more work to do: hospital charges need to become transparent to relate to actual cost; and nobody should be left alone without group coverage.

While with Ezra, check out his review of Spider-Man 3. He gives it thumbs down for dialogue, but manages to see the movie as a message for universal health care. Given how many people saw it, hopefully others see it that way as well…

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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