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I would be remiss if I didn’t point out some articles in the papers. Not because Health Access California is mentioned, but because they offer poignant stories from actual California families about our health system today.

* Bill Ainsworth at the San Diego Union-Tribune features real stories of people dealing with high-deductible plans, and how they would be impacted by an individual mandate, for better and worse. A companion story also documents about how people make tough life decisions simply for the security of health coverage.

* Aurelio Rojas of The Sacramento Bee has the story of Senator Gil Cedillo, not as a legislator, but as a son, dealing with his mother’s hospitalization. (Calitics and Working Californians picks up on the story)

That’s our organizing is so focused on having California health care consumers simply tell their stories. It is what should inform the current debate on how to make the health system better. (Sometimes, those stories help inform our policy development work. Other times, with the explicit permission of the person, we connect real people with the media, as with the Union-Tribune story. As Victoria Colliver in the San Francisco Chronicle reports, we also did this with Michael Moore’s new movie, Sicko.)

Story sharing is the primary work of the Its Our Healthcare! coalition, to make sure that our voices, the voices of California consumers, are front and center in the debate. Check out the constantly-updated website!

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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