Now, is there a return policy on that kidney too?

I always thought it was really screwy that medical professionals could bill patients to correct medical mistakes that the professionals — not the patients — made.

Really, we all make mistakes. So the issue really isn’t that doctors are making mistakes; it’s what they do to make up for them. For most of us, making a mistake is mortifying and often means fixing it — even if we have to eat the cost.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case in the medical profession. If a mistake is made and a patient ends up back in the hospital/doctor’s office, then it means a second or third chance to charge for what should have been done right the first time.

So it really seems like a no-brainer that a Pennsylvania hospital system is providing a warranty for medical care, according to this story in the NY Times.

Already, the Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania has seen results. Last year, patients who received heart bypass surgeries could return back to the hospital if they had complications — at no cost to the insurance company.

Well, duh. That seems reasonable. I’d be mad if I had to pay twice.

Since they implemented that policy, the system has found that patients don’t return as often, and spend fewer days in the hospital.

Seems like this kind of policy could be a good deal for everyone. No one likes being sick and getting sicker, after you thought you were taken care of, is the worst. And…it’s cheaper.

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