Not a Nicholas Cage movie…

After last week’s committee discussions and actions (detailed extensively on this blog) as the legislative leaders’ health reform bills passed their respective health policy committees, the question I get most often asked is: “What’s Next?”

In a technical sense, both bills now go to Appropriations Committees this month, where they get evaluated for their fiscal impact. While both leaders are not expected to have a problem getting their bills out of committeee, both Speaker Nunez and Senate President Pro Tem Perata have said they are expected to release the result of the fiscal modeling of their plans in the near future. Then, it will be more clear the level of costs and benefits (literally) to make the plans pencil out.

Even beyond the brewing budget battle, May means money: we’ll also have Jonathan Gruber, the modeler from MIT courtesy of the California Health Care Foundation, out here in Sacramento to present his underlying assumptions on May 16th.

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