Are they saying they were wrong?

Blue Cross now says it’s no longer going to willy-nilly cancel people’s insurance policies when they have a suspicion that policyholders didn’t disclose *everything* about their health history since they were 1.

Now, the health insurance giant says it will ask policyholders when they see a problem with their applications before deciding to cancel their policies.

It’s nice to see, now, that Blue Cross believes in the presumption of innocence unless proven guilty.

Not only are they going to make applications easier to understand, they’re saying that if applicants made an honest mistake, then the insurance company will continue the patient’s insurance.

Is Blue Cross saying they were wrong to unilaterally — and without notice — cancel patients’ policies while they were in the middle of expensive medical treatments?

Not quite. With 6,000 former policyholders suing the company, it was getting kind of expensive.

Their 180-degree change in policy isn’t quite the stunning admission I would have hoped for, but I’ll take it.

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