Wonks, Flacks, and Hacks

One last comment on the TPMCafe Book Club on the new Jonathan Cohn book Sick. The discussion was useful in moving beyond the debate among progressives about what specific proposal to support, and focusing on the hard work at hand. In the last four years in California, we’ve shown that we can successfully advocate for different proposals at the same time, from setting standards for on-the-job benefits to expanding children’s coverage to creating a universal single-payer systemmm, and each effort can build momentum for one another. There’s more focus on health care this year because of all these efforts complementing each other.

One correction: Robin Podolsky wants it clarified that she wrote that she copped to being a “flak,” not a “hack,” as I mistakenly wrote. She was originally objecting to the term “wonk.” I’ll claim all three descriptions for myself…

That reminds me that I never linked to the newest version of Health Wonk Review, at the Health Affairs blog, which is chock full ‘o interesting posts and analyses, about the national health policy debate. There’s a reading list on lessons learned from the Clinton-era efforts; comments on the Democratic presidential candidate’s plans, Massachusetts, single-payer, and other ideas, issues raised about transparency, and even a April Fool’s post…

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