Legislation? What legislation?

Bill Bradley at New West Notes puts forward his own prognosis for health care reform this year. He’s off on some things (like the exact content of the legislative proposals), but gets the history with SB2(Burton) right.

One thing I’ll disagree with him on is the significance of the Governor not having an authored bill: Health underwriter Alan Katz comments in his blog that it doesn’t matter if the Governor doesn’t have a bill: by virtue of pen and veto stamp, he is able to influence the process. But at the same time, he can only sign the bills the Legislature place on his desk. It’s up to us to get the legislature to put a bills that provides benefits, not burdens, to health care consumers.

Some have cited models from last year: global warming, minimum wage, prescription drugs. As we start in the next two days with committee hearings on the proposals by Speaker Nunez and Senate President Pro Tem Perata, that’s the type of process we might be looking at.

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