Grading on a curve

Public Citizen put out a report last week ranking each state’s Medicaid programs, based on the question, if you were poor and/or sick, how well could you get the care that you need?

Especially after fighting all the proposals to cut Medi-Cal during the last budget crisis, there should be some pride in California’s ranking of 14, although it’s sobering how restrictive Medicaid can be in other states. California did better than others: California didn’t top the list in any category, but is better is eligibility and benefits than many states, and near the bottom of the pack in paying providers, which has an impact on these 6.8 million children, seniors and people with disabilities being able to access a provider. It does show that California can do more, and the report recognizes the health reform conversation we are having now.

The report does provide a useful reminder about how important and foundational the Medicaid program is for all of us. Page 61 focuses specifically on California.

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