From unlikely sources…

This op-ed this week in The Los Angeles Times reaffirmed an earlier post of ours about the positive quality rankings of the Veterans Administration, undermining the notion that actual “government-run health care” institutions can provide excellent care.

As Mark Schmitt at The American Prospect notes, this point has been made before, but the author is of note: Betsy McCaughey, who made a name for herself by putting the first dent in the Clinton health care plan with an infamous New Republic article, which wierdly led to her becoming the running mate for NY Governor Pataki.

Beyond the implications of her current op-ed, it’s remarkable to think about a time when a critical article about a health care reform proposal was a big deal. Now, there’s an expectation that a plan will be attacked. The good news is we are still having the conversation about reform… and some unlikely sources may have a different takes than in previous battles.

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