Viva Las Vegas

Caught a glimpse of C-SPAN and the various Democratic presidential candidates presenting in front of an AFSCME crowd. Health care came up a lot.

Health care looks to be the big domestic issue of the presidential race. SEIU and the Center for American Progress Action Fund just announced a Presidential Candidates Forum on Health Care in Las Vegas at the University of Nevada for March 24th.

The candidates are certainly there anyway: Barack Obama stated a broad goal of universal coverage for the first term of his administration. Governors Bill Richardson and Tom Vilsack both have significant experience, given that health care is one of the three priorities of a state budget (States spend their money mostly in three ways: to educate, medicate, and incarcerate.) John Edwards has a detailed universal healthcare plan. And I understand that Hillary Clinton knows something about the subject.

What Governor Schwarzenegger is proposing, and what actually gets done in California, will have an impact on the debate. Maybe health care was part of the conversation in Las Vegas with the Governor’s NBA All-Star game seatmate Wayne Newton. What else would they have talked about? (Thanks to LA Times Political Muscle for the hat tip to the delightful photo. Credit: Lisa Blumenfeld / Getty Images)

The health care policy debate is likely to go on beyond the Nevada or California primaries, but probably not as long as Newton’s Vegas show.

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