Super Sunday Ads

While most people will be reviewing the ads from the Super Bowl, I was struck by the commercials from another Sunday show, Meet the Press.

In addition to the GE ads on their medical technology (do they have to pay to have ads on GE-owned NBC?), there was Senator Perata’s ad again promoting his health care plan. This suggests that this wasn’t just the one-time ad buy, but that it is targeted at “influentials,” or at least those of us who pay attention enough to watch programs like Meet the Press. Another trumpeted that one company provided coverage to one million people, and covered people who were previos uninsured…Wal-Mart. The very structure of the ad–that Wal-Mart was the punchline–spoke volumes about the liability they know they have on this issue. The ad refers to their website, but even the website is less than presuasive: “In January 2006, the number of associates covered by Wal-Mart health care insurance increased to 46%.” []

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Oh, and on the actual program, the presidential candidate John Edwards said he would announce his universal health care plan tomorrow. He was strong on the need to make sure every family is covered. The content seems to be a mix of Medicaid and SCHIP programs, combined with setting a standard for employer-based coverage, where the employer can either provide coverage or enter into regional “Health Markets,” which provides other options, including a public plan option. It’ll be interesting to get a closer look.

He also successfully picked the Colts, apparently believing that his opponents from Illinois, Clinton and Obama, would be rooting for the Bears.

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