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Brian Joseph at the Orange County Register has a fascinating tip, that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger just met with Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who is also about to release *his* universal health care plan.

Major health care reform is now the “in” thing for big-state Governors: Not just with Governor Gov. Baldacci in Maine and former Gov. Romney in Massachusetts, but now with Gov. Rendell in Pennsylvania, Gov. Spitzer in New York, Gov. Corzine in New Jersey, etc… Pretty soon, you start having most of the country covered.

Last week, I was talking with my counterpart Jim Duffett at the Illinois Campaign for Better Health Care. Expect a serious, comprehensive effort to be announced in the next few weeks… Gov. Blagojevich thought he was on the cutting edge last year with a bill to cover all kids, but now the bar has been raised. But to be fair, this is more than catch-up: They’ve been working on this for several years, as part of a commission process through their Health Justice Act (which they now call the Obama Health Justice Act whenever possible).

So the Blagojevich-Schwarzenegger partnership is an evolutionary step for both states, not just one hell of a multi-syllabic ethnic stew.

(P.S. I learned quickly during the recall that Arnold’s name is easily broken into short words: Sch-WAR-ZEN-EGG-Er; I have no such easy assistance for remembering how to spell, much less pronounce, Blogojevich.)

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