Report from SF..

… but no, not another update on the week that Mayor Gavin Newsom is having.

Rather, Brian Leubitz at the Calitics blog provides a quick report and some video clips from Assembly Democratic Caucus town hall on health care reform. He suggests that Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez would do well as a talk show host. He says good things about both the Nunez “Fair Share” proposal and single-payer. He calls the Legislative Republican attempt to minimize or dismiss the problem as “the denial of reason.”

By the way, the Mayor’s fortunes do have a impact on health issues. The passage last year of a near-universal access proposal in San Francisco was a big deal, both in actually helping people, and in setting a much higher bar for reform than Massachusetts or other models. But the campaign that won these reforms also was successful in recruiting an eloquent and telegenic spokesperson for health reform in Mayor Newsom. Will these events mute the Mayor on health reform?

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