Opinions ‘R Us

The Los Angeles Times has just initiated a new online Opinion feature, “Dust-Up,” where they invite two people to debate a topic for a week. Last week, the topic was immigration. Now that they have dispensed with that, they have moved on to health reform.

To discuss the Governor’s health reform proposal, they have invited me to debate Daniel Zingale, senior advisor to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and chief of staff to First Lady Maria Shriver. In full disclosure, we have worked with Daniel in the past, most notably when he headed the Department of Managed Health Care in the previous Administration. But he ultimately works for the Governor, with whom we have had significant disagreements. We started our volleys today:

Hopefully the Sacramento Bee online opinion blog Crossroads won’t think I am cheating on them.

Speaking of newspaper blogs, San Francisco Chronicle reporter Tom Chorneau reports on new ads by the California Nurses Association against the Governor’s plan.

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