But do the Dixie Chicks have a health plan?

Well-timed for the Grammys Sunday, Timm Herdt in the Ventura County Star starts an article with a veteran of the music industry. The episodic nature of work in the entertainment field–so prevalent in California–reveals a gap in employer-based health coverage, even for those who get a decent wage. Health Access California has been very much aware of these types of issues, as one of our board members is a representative from the Screen Actors Guild.

It’s bad enough these folks fall through the cracks of our current system. Could it be worse for them if they were required to buy private coverage as individuals, without regard to ability to pay, without any shared contribution from an employer or a public program, and without the power of group purchasing? Yes, we have an opinion.

Herdt’s example serves as the beginning of a long and thoughtful article about the proposal for a “individual mandate” in California. (Health Access is quoted.) It’s an exploration of what would be required of individuals, whether that coverage is real or helpful, whether it is affordable, the experience in Massachusetts to date, etc. It’s a good read.

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