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In addition to my ongoing debate with Daniel Zingale of the Governor’s office on the LA Times’ Dust-Up online opinion feature, a few other items to note:

* Julia Rosen at Working Californians (cross-posted on Calitics) comments on both our online debate and the re-emergence of SB840. She has been as passionate as anyone in the blogosphere on the inequities of the individual mandate.

* Randy Bayne, the Bayne of Blog, has his own report on the re-launch of SB840, and some direct testimony from health care consumers. Frank Russon at the California Progress Report has his own reports of Senator Kuehl’s statement and give-and-take with reporters.

* The new, one-year anniversary edition of Health Wonk Review is out, hosted by Julie Ferguson at Workers Comp Insider, and has some really interesting links, about presidential candidate John Edwards’ plan, and other national health policy issues.

* The blog Healthcare Economist has a interesting review of literature that shows that increased co-pays for things like prescription drugs may actually increase medical costs, since that will discourage some from taking their medication and leading to hospitalizations and the like.

* The opinion journal The American Prospect has a ongoing discussion among many writers and thinkers about what are progressives’ core demands in a health care reform debate. While it is focused at the national level, it provides food for thought for those looking through the California debate. I’ll write more about my thoughts on this later…

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