The actual stakeholders…

After the Governor announces his plan at noon today, there will be a panel where various stakeholders will be allowed to say what they like and they don’t like about the plan. It should be interesting.

Later today, Health Access California is joining with other community, consumer, labor, and constituency groups will have a 2:00pm press conference to focus on the real stakeholders in this debate: actual Californians who now suffer through our health care crisis: the uninsured, the underinsured, those who go through great lengths to get coverage but are concerned that it won’t be there when they need it.

We decided to bring up these stories before we knew what the Governor’s plan said, so some of these folks may be helped, some may be hurt. We’ll see.

But the Governor’s announcement today is only the beginning. Our point is that by the end of this year, we want to help resolve their health coverage and care issues, and those of the millions of the rest of us. Regardless of what is in the Governor’s plan, health care reform is now the topic of the year, and we will work to ensure that reform is passed, and that such reform is in the best interest of consumer, patients, workers, and families.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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