Risk: Not just a board game

As we get the details about the Governor’s proposal, two of the main questions that I will ask are:

What are the rules? Who faces the risk?

In the Wild, Wild West of health care, insurers profit from denying coverage and discriminating against patients because of “pre-existing conditions;” Californians are more likely to be uninsured than those in most other states because employers are less likely to provide health coverage to their workers. Will the Governor be the new sheriff in town to stand up to these interests? Will we have strong standards and accountability for insurers, employers, and providers?

Even with new rules, ultimately, who will face the risk? Who will bear the burden of health coverage? Will the risk truly be shared, as many Californians do through the worksite or through public programs? Or will that burden be shifted to individual patients and families? Will group health coverage be strengthened, or undermined?

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