Putting the kids to bed…

News reports, in both the Los Angeles Times and Sacramento Bee indicate that the Governor’s plan will include coverage for all children.

It’s about time: he made such a promise during the one debate during the recall campaign in his first run for Governor, to insure all California’s children. He previously missed opportunities, including a bill (AB772 in 2005) and a ballot measure (Prop 86 in 2006), to support plan to acheive the goal. But his opposition was based on specific details presented to him–not the concept, so now it’s incumbent on him to put forward a plan of his own.

The other hint in the reports has been that the Governor’s plan will include some requirement on employers. Similarly, he opposed the legislature’s previous attempt to set a standard for employer-based coverage, but objecting to specific provisions, rather than the concept as a whole. So we’ll see what he proposes on that front as well. But the recent field poll suggests there nearly 80% support for the concept.

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