Post-partisanship, sponsored by…

Here’s a selected list of health-related interests who were “Silver Sponsors,” who contributed more than $15,000 to Governor Schwarzenegger’s inauguration committee. This does not even include lobbying firms or individuals that have health-related interests, nor does it include major employer groups who were “Gold Sponsors,” like the California Chamber of Commerce, the California Grocers Association, and the California Retailers Association. For the full list of sponsors, click for the Governor’s inauguration website.

Association of California Life and Health Insurance Companies
California Academy of Ophthalmology
California Ambulatory Surgery Association
California Association of Health Plans
California Association of Physician Groups
California Dental Association
California Hospital Association
California Medical Association
Health Net, Inc.
Physicians for the Group Practice of Medicine

Mike Zapler from MediaNews papers had a related article over the holidays about the funds contributed to the Governor by health interests.

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