Next week: Reports from DC…

Next week, I go to Washington, DC, to find out what’s going on in the other 49 states.

We’ll be blogging from the Families USA Health Action conference, which is always informative. We sometimes have policy differences with our colleagues (see yesterday’s post), but they are good and friendly folks who have been doing really important work in the last several years, especially defending health care from lots of bad stuff. (Full disclosure: They also presented their Consumer Advocate of the Year award to Health Access California last year, the only organization that has received the award twice.) For the over 60 Californians who will be in attendance, it’ll be interesting to see how the conversations go in the new political environment.

Our posts will try to provide some flavor about the DC health reform conversation… We’ll probably get a lot of questions about Governor Schwarzenegger and his plan. Lots of DC stars are scheduled to speak, including Senators Kennedy, Brown, Smith, and yes, the star of the moment, Obama. We’ll give you the update here…

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