Blogwatch: The Governor’s plan…

The online magazine Slate has a rundown of bloggers and their reactions to the Governor’s plan. Some rabid response against it, especially from the right; Others acknowledge parts of it; Some are just digesting it.

Two commentators worth noting: Good thinkers at the magazines The New Republic (Jonathan Cohn) and Washington Monthly (Kevin Drum) took a look at the Governor’s health care proposal, and like us, found things to like and things not to like. Both are single-payer universal health care supporters, and while they see issues, they acknowledge the significance of the rules on insurers, and of a Republican governor endorsing these ideas. (Kevin then responds to Jonathan here.)

Bob Salladay’s Political Muscle investigates the shady outfit that ran a television ad against the Schwarzeneggger plan merely 30 hours after it was announced. No actual stakeholders are involved here. These are consultants wanting a piece of the action, when the opposition develops. They also had an Internet ad against Prop 72, but that never went anywhere. It does show that even though the Governor’s plan is a mixed bag, there are formidable opponents for even the modest steps forward in the proposal, including the employer fee.

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