She was even willing to provide an early photo for the cause…

The California Progress Report has a great report on Assemblywoman Wilma Chan’s last press conference in that position.

It’s hard to describe how much of an impact she has had, both on actual health care policy to help consumers, as well as on the debate as a whole. She’s been a warrior, a leader, a champion for health care consumers. Health Access California has been the sponsor of many of her bills that became law, including to prevent hospitals from overcharging the uninsured, which she highlighted in her interview, but also to better regulate Medicare Part D plans, and to provide consumer protections and information to those who buy insurance as individuals. But she’s also been a leader on the effort to cover all kids, to fight health care budget cuts, to lower prescription drug prices, to help seniors choose drug plans, to provide access to those with “pre-existing conditions,” to limit out-of-pocket costs and high deductibles, and many other worthy goals.

She’s accomplished a lot, and for the unfinished fights, we’ll continue the effort. While there’s good allies left in the legislature, we’ll really miss her (and other key termed-out legislators) in the coming health care discussion next year.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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