Out with the old title; in with the new…

Outgoing Insurance Commissioner — and incoming Lieutenant Governor — John Garamendi spoke before the Capitol press corps today about his successes as Insurance Commissioner and what he hopes to continue in his new role.

Among his top four priorities: health reform.

Garamendi has been advocating for universal health since before I was born.

I actually watched him speak before a diverse group of small businesses in Contra Costa County a couple months ago on this topic, where he remembered speaking on the same issue in the same conference room 20 years ago.

In 2005, Garamendi published a paper called “Priced Out: Health Care in California” spelling out 43 recommendations to fix the health care crisis, including expansion of public programs, use of evidence-based medicine and improving the use of technology.

As Lieutenant Governor, Garamendi doesn’t have as much direct oversight — as he did as Insurance Commissioner — over aspects of the health care market. But we love the fact that he’s continuing to use his position as a bully pulpit.

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