New Resources for the Renewed Discussion

We would be remiss not to highlight several new materials that got posted in the last few days on the Health Access website, all providing some information and context to the health policy debate in 2007.

Items of Note:

List of Pending Health Bills (a starting list; continually updated)
We’ll keep an updated list of bills related to health access and coverage on the site. Right now, a lot of them are intent bills, so they are lumped together. We expect the list will grow, and become more defined, soon.

An Individual Mandate for Health Insurace: Unwarranted, Unworkable, Unwise (new paper)
A nine-page discussion paper by Health Access Foundation about the pitfalls and problems with an individual mandate approach to health reform.

Controlling Health Care Costs: Phony Solutions and Real Answers (one-pager)
A quick summary of the types of proposals that have been floated to control costs, including those that simply shift costs to consumers, and those that actually provide real savings for consumers and the health care system as a whole.

Massachusetts-Style Reform in California?

With all the attention that the Massachusetts proposal garnered, Health Access provides a in-depth 17-page analysis of the proposal, how it relates to the discussion in California, and lessons to learn. This link also goes a one-page that more succinctly describes the differences between Massachusetts and California.

We have several other pieces of materials in the works… Since our goal is to help organizations and advocates be better advocates for increased health access, let us know what kind of materials would be helpful for your community/consumer organization, to better engage them in this debate.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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