Holiday health reform…

A press advisory indicates that Senator President Pro Tem Don Perata will have a press conference at 11:00am to unveil his health care reform plans. We’ll post some quick (hopefully immediate) reaction and analysis later today, on this blog, as we get the info.

And you thought this would be the “quiet season.”

I heard Senator Sheila Kuehl give a talk in front of the California Association of Public Hospital last week, where she committed to reintroducing her universal, single-payer plan (the plan formerly known as SB840). But as the presumptive head of the Senate Health Committee, she also committed to working on the range of plans proposed by her colleagues, and working with Senate President Perata on an approach.

So that’s two more that we expect to add to our growing list of major health reform proposals, on our main website. From our point of view, the more the merrier…

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