First take on the Nunez proposal

We’ll post a further summary soon, but here’s our first take on the Speaker Nunez’s proposal.

While we look forward to the details, the plan sensibly builds on what works, to strengthen and extend employer-based health benefits and public insurance programs, while placing needed oversight over insurers.

We particularly appreciate the focus and assurances on affordability for patients and families.

It’s helpful that the plan brings together many ideas that have been vetted and have received considerable legislative and voter support, including expanding coverage for all children, and to workers and their families, as well as insurance market reforms. This will make it easier to act in 2007.

While the details of the solution are not fully fleshed out, the Speaker’s plan gets the problems of the uninsured in our current system (or non-system) right: they don’t get coverage on the job; they don’t qualify for public insurance programs; and they find individual insurance either unaffordable or unavailable. The ideas put forward attempt to address each of these points.

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