Employer responsibility revisited…

This story in the Sacramento Bee reveals a bit more of the options Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is mulling for his health care reform plan. As we have pointed out about a week and a half ago, even though the Governor’s office says “Everything is on the table,” that’s clearly not the case. The article points out that a single-payer universal health care system is off the table.

The Governor did signal to reporters on the campaign bus during the campaign that he could consider some requirements on employers, maybe with a 50/50 split between employers and employees. (It’s hard to imagine that he or anyone would think that a janitor or sales clerk that makes even a median income could afford 50% of a premium for health coverage.)

This wasn’t something he focused on too much when campaigning against Prop 72, which went which lost by a slim, teeth-clenching 0.8 percent of the vote. But the remarkably close vote–with the voter’s general predeliction to vote no, a well-financed campaign against it, and him being prominently shown in the opposition ads at the height of his popularity–suggests there’s significant support in California for such a policy. If Prop 72 was re-proposed today, there are many factors that suggest it would do better, not worse.

Given his role in undermining the last attempt to set the standards by which employers participate in our health system, he now has an obligation to propose what he would support.

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