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Beginning today, Health Access will be filling this space with a blog to be updated daily with interesting tidbits and information about health reform efforts in California and across the nation.

A bit about myself: I’m new to the world of advocacy and to health.

I joined Health Access in February after being a reporter for the Orange County Register, covering the Capitol for six years. Before that, I worked two years at The Fresno Bee covering general assignment and education.

I left journalism because I wanted to be more of an actor than an observer. People often ask if I miss being a reporter – especially a political reporter during exciting and tumultuous times.

To be honest: no. I don’t miss it one bit.

As a reporter, I felt I had limited ability to really reach and engage people. Even though a newspaper’s circulation may be large, the number of people who are actually moved by your story is small. As an advocate – particularly on health care – I felt I had more ability to affect people directly.

That’s not to say the transition has been easy.

I’m still trying to absorb all the complexities of health policy. I’m learning that a movement could take years to complete – not a few weeks, as expected by a newspaper.

I will be blogging here regularly with my colleagues at Health Access. I’m hoping you all will feel comfortable emailing me with tips and suggestions: hquach@health-access.org.

Until next time.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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