Veterans leading the way

As we salute those who served our country for Veteran’s Day, I am reminded of a must-read article in BusinessWeek this summer:

I am proud that our veterans get “The Best Medical Care in the U.S.,” as the article is titled. They deserve it. But it suggests we don’t need to look to other countries to figure out how the health system for the rest of us could be better: we have American know-how and expertise providing a home-grown example to show us the way.

The article states that contrary to some might think, “a nationwide health system that is run and financed by the federal government provides the best medical care in America. But it’s true — if you want to be sure of top-notch care, join the military. The 154 hospitals and 875 clinics run by the Veterans Affairs Dept. have been ranked best-in-class by a number of independent groups on a broad range of measures, from chronic care to heart disease treatment to percentage of members who receive flu shots. It offers all the same services, and sometimes more, than private sector providers. ” By all accounts, it does this cost-effectively as well.

Hopefully, the veterans can lead the way again…

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