The Renewed Debate: to Bee, or not to Bee?

The Sacramento Bee is hosting a new online forum, Crossroads, on the renewed health care debate. Dan Weintraub, the moderator and blog veteran, has invited various health care policy people to contribute initial op-ed style pieces, and then allow them, and the public, to comment and discuss health reform amongst one another. My article is first up, posted here:

The Sacramento Bee editorial board gets in on the discussion too, responding to its own article about the Administration considering scaling back mandates and other consumer protections on insurers. The editorial is right to warn against so-called reforms that simply seek to shift the risk and cost of health care to individual consumers and families. They don’t make the obvious point: removing the mandates won’t actually save any real money, even as they dramatically increase the burdens of specific consumers, while causing worse health outcomes and necessitating more expensive treatments later.

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