Cards on the table…

As Hanh has indicated here earlier, the speculation in Sacramento is rampant about what the Governor is considering for his health proposal. Jordan Rau in the LA Times lays out some of the history and provides a good sense of the dynamics…

But back to the recent story in the Sacramento Bee by Aurelio Rojas, which says the Governor is considering rolling back the HMO Patients’ Bill of Rights (which Health Access California sponsored). The press spin was as follows:

“Right now, the administration is combing through hundreds of ideas and concepts,” said Adam Mendelsohn, the governor’s communications director. “No idea is in, no idea is out, and there is no specific plan developed.”

But that’s plainly not true. The Governor has already ruled lots of things off the table, most notably with his veto of SB840, Senator Sheila Kuehl’s California Health Insurance Reliability Act. That’s off the table, but somehow a huge gift to the HMOs–repealing managed care consumer protections–is on the table?

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