A game of Clue

The Sacramento Bee reported about the Governor’s comments, stating a goal of reducing the rate of uninsurance in the state by half.

After statements that focused on other aspects of health reform, it’s good he is still talking about expanding coverage. It’s an important statement, a benchmark to hold him to. However, no word on what approach he will take….

The game is Sacramento right now is to guess what the Governor might come out with. Less attention is being paid to the (probably multiple) proposals the Legislature might produce, even though both the Governor and the Legislature are vital to getting something passed.

The Legislature, however, has previously shown the political will to pass major health expansions, to working families (in 2003), children (in 2005), and all Californians (in 2006). Those will be back in the mix in some way, regardless of what the Governor does. More speculation to come…

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